Pastor’s Note

Praise God, greetings to everyone!

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex encompasses 13 counties with in the state of Texas, USA. Residents of the area also refer to it as DFW, or the Metroplex. It is the economic and cultural hub of the region of North (North Central) Texas, and it is the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States. It has been more than 30 years India Pentecostal Assembly serving the Lord in the DFW area. The church had gone through several transitions in its course of time, but always committed to what God has called to fulfill through the church for His Kingdom. I am considering it as a privilege to serve His church in the role of the lead pastor along with other servant-leaders in the church. I am blessed with the presence and prayers of previous pastors as I took over the responsibility in the year 2019. We begin this year with the theme, “Grow in Christ and bear fruit for Him” based on John 15: 4-7, “Abide in Me, and I in you……and it shall be done for you.” We are focusing more on the growth in our own spiritual life as well as in our community, and to bear fruit to bring glory to God. To achieve this goal we pray together and seek the face of the Lord in fasting to lead us through planning and preparation. With the guidance and the help of the Holy Spirit we are able to select our leaders to lead Sunday school, Youth ministry, Sisters fellowship and outreach missions. Our community outreach involves: volunteer help with homeless community, distributing goodies and tracts to the families and praying with them, sending missionaries to various parts of the world, VBS ministry.. .and so forth. We set a goal to reach out to 200 people with the Gospel this year. We are thankful to God who enabled us to reach out to 20/30 people within this few months, we are looking forward and depending on God to touch many more lives with the love of God. We are equipping our teens and youths to see the world through the Word by doing Bible studies and seminars and also through monthly youth programs. As the church is located in Irving, we are planning to do the community outreach in partnership with the Fire and Police department and also with the Faith-Health service to serve the community better.

We depend on the promises of God for the IPA Church and also for all our families. To focus more on our growth in the Spiritual aspects, we have separated every second week of the month as the prayer week,and that weekend would be dedicated for fasting and prayer. It is so much exciting to experience what the Lord is doing in and through the IPA church, as he is building up the families in the attitude of Christ,in unity and in bearing the fruit of the Spirit. There are challenges when we take a step of change or growth. But God has also given us his divine strategies and resources to stand against them and continue to grow. There are mountains of hindrances come along the way as we move forward, but the God of Zerubbabel says “Who are you, o great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain…”(Zec 4:7). Nehemiah, a man who was called to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem was discouraged,mocked and ridiculed by the enemies (Neh 2:19). But he was encouraged in the Lord as he says “The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build..” (Neh2:20). This is the promise for a child of God who chooses to respond to the call of God to abide in Him and grow. To thrive during the tough times we need clarity to know what to do, and the courage and confidence to do what we know. God in His Word and by His Sprit offers His children both.

IPA Church is committed to the call of God and the divine vision to be a missionary church as the church focus on sharing and living out the core meaning of the Gospel in the surrounding areas as well as involving in International missions. In conclusion let me encourage everyone that together let us grow,bear fruit and bring a pool of meaning in our own lives and the lives we serve as the body of Christ for His glory. Let us pray together, stay together and grow together in the Lord to flourish and be fruitful,and be focused on heavenly things in this pluralistic perplexed world. Please join with us if you are here in DFW metroplex and in need of prayer and fellowship/community worship.

In His Service
Pr. Johnson John, Bsc., MDiv., M.A, MTh., CPE

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